Asset Strategies International, a Rockville Maryland company, founded in 1982, is an innovator in alternative asset ownership, including the Rare Tangible Assets strategy (rare coins and rare stamps), precious metals, foreign currencies, and global asset protection. ASI’s mission that you “Keep What’s Yours” is accomplished through carefully designed wealth strategies accessible to all.

Co-Founders Michael Checkan and the late Glen O. Kirsch, believe wealth must be protected by diversifying across assets, across currencies, and across countries. The world’s economy is precarious and requires precautionary measures.

“In these unpredictable and uncertain times, ASI is committed to helping you add stability to your portfolio and give you peace-of-mind using uncorrelated assets such as rare coins and rare stamps.” ASI President and COO, Rich Checkan

ASI has an impeccable worldwide reputation for fair and honest pricing and is well known for our words of wisdom, imparted in our weekly alerts, Always Something Interesting and monthly newsletter, Information Line.

Our Rare Tangible Asset strategy gives you access to the world’s leading expert in rare coins and in rare stamps. Furthermore, ASI has bought and sold rare coins for over 30 years and is a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), and is also the North American representative for Stanley Gibbons, Ltd. Your RTA holdings will be assembled to match your unique goals and needs, with your family and legacy accumulation in mind.

We are a team at ASI. Your Preferred Client Relations representatives do NOT work on a commission basis.



"Michael and the guys at Asset Strategies have proven to me that they are a rare group that always puts the customer first. I have no doubts... Michael and the ASI team will treat you right."
Steve Sjuggerud, Editor of True Wealth & DailyWealth



ASI Milestones Over the Years



International Financial Consultants (IFC) was formed by Michael Checkan and Glen O. Kirsch. Their vision: to help their clients protect their assets globally through the use of precious metals, foreign currencies, and Rare Tangible Assets.



IFC pioneers the globalization of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) by introducing Swiss annuities, denominated in foreign currencies, as an IRA option. They would add International Certificates of Deposit (ICDs) and offshore asset management for IRAs as well.


IFC changes its name to Asset Strategies International (ASI) in an attempt to better define what we do for our clients…helping you Keep What’s Yours!



ASI officially launches the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) in cooperation with The Perth Mint. The only government guaranteed precious metals storage program was an instant success and remains ASI’s top-selling product to this day.


ASI, continually the innovators, offer gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at your fingertips through the revolutionary new online portal – ASI Precious Metals Direct. Increased product lines, additional storage locations, online IRAs, and the Wealth Accumulation Plan (WAP) all soon followed.



ASI, working closely with experts, Stanley Gibbons and Doug Winter, offer rare stamps and rare coins through the Rare Tangible Asset strategy. Uncorrelated, proven growth is now possible for virtually any investor.

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