Fight Instability and Grow Your Wealth with Rare Strategic Metals

By Rich Checkan

The world's economic landscape is far from settled. While media talking heads tell you the economy's fine, you sense in your gut something's wrong.

For example, you likely know someone who's unemployed. Every time you buy groceries, you suffer the pinch. And you recognize there's nothing real behind the record-breaking stock market... other than the $30 billion the Federal Reserve dumps into the economy every month.


Many investors tout gold as a great hedge against inflation. Because gold is a solid asset and, as the value of currency plummets, gold's value against other solid assets stays constant.

For example, look at a designer suit. In 1913, it cost $20, equal to one ounce of gold.

Today, that same suit costs $1,300 – one ounce of gold.

But what if you want to grow beyond inflation?

The best strategy is choosing an asset that not only keeps up with inflation, but also increases faster than other assets.

To put it another way, economic law dictates value (not price) is set by supply and demand. The higher the demand and the more difficult to get, the higher an item's value becomes.

So if you have a solid asset with growing demand and limited availability (due to either rarity or production cost), its value, against other assets, increases.

AllSwissMetals1For this reason, last week we introduced you to the opportunity of owning rare strategic metals.

If you didn't read that article, I recommend you read it by clicking here.

To summarize the article, rare strategic metals are a group of elements vital in 95% of products in use today and have projected shortages in the coming years.

Until 4 years ago, it was impossible for most individuals to invest because of extremely high costs and unmanageable levels of logistics required.

But this changed when our new partners opened the playing field.

Several industry experts strategically grouped 17 industrial metals into sets called 'baskets.' Specifically, each basket focuses on one general industry, and is available in affordable quantities.

You can choose the basket you believe has the most growth potential, several baskets for more diversification, or if you prefer a more direct play, individual metals.

There are four baskets available:

Basket A - All Key Industries

The first basket in Swissmetal Inc's lineup hits several industries. In
2011, its price shot up over 45% during one year. It weighs 152 pounds and consists of:

• Indium
• Gallium
• Hafnium
• Tellurium
• Tantalum
• Bismuth

Basket C - Construction and Engineering

The heaviest basket available is full of metals necessary for the construction industry. Even though the U.S. has slowed, in contrast, many parts of the world are seeing unprecedented building booms. This 229 pound group holds:

• Chromium
• Tantalum
• Molybdenum
• Cobalt
• Zirconium
• Tungsten

Basket D - Defense and Aviation

The war machine shows no signs of slowing. The Defense Basket focuses on metals necessary for military equipment and armaments. For example, Pratt and Whitney, a large manufacturer of jet engines, just signed a contract for over half of the available rhenium production for the next ten years.

Weighing in at over 79 pounds, the basket includes:

• Rhenium
• Tantalum
• Indium
• Gallium
• Tungsten

Basket E - Emerging Technology

This basket launched in June, and we are excited for its potential. In just a few months, it has jumped several thousand dollars in price. And, the expected metal shortfalls haven't even happened yet. Continue reading for information on a special offer on this basket.

Basket E includes rhenium, like the Defense Basket, but also has dysprosium, the metal the European Union (EU) listed as most at risk for severe shortages. Dysprosium is vital in electric and hybrid vehicles. And with the EU and China mandating more of these cars into existence, not enough dysprosium is available for current or future orders.

• Rhenium
• Dysprosium
• Germanium
• Niobium, and
• Silver round out this 92.5 pound group.

For a limited time, fast acting clients will save thousands, with below market pricing and free storage.

That is to say, you're getting a virtual time machine. If you contact us within the next few days, you'll have the opportunity to pick up the Emerging Technology Basket for an amazing 'pre-launch' price.

The price of this basket has jumped several thousand dollars in the last three months, so you'll be ahead of the game. Plus, you'll get 5 years free storage, which saves 7.5% of your fees, worth thousands more.

Asset Strategies International is proud to offer you a ticket into this powerful strategy.

Send us an email to get a copy of our rare strategic metals catalog or call one of our Preferred Client Relations representatives at 877-340-0790 to discover how to add rare strategic metals to your portfolio.

The economy is nowhere near stable... and even if it was, you're still responsible for your financial future. You owe it to yourself to investigate rare strategic metals.

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