Metals You Can't Live Without

By: Rich Checkan

The next big thing in tangible assets has arrived.

If you had the chance to...

• Own rare tangible assets used in 85% to 95% of the products you use every day.

• Diversify your current precious metals holdings.

• Have access to a simple turnkey process offered by a trusted name in the industry.

• Hold these tangible assets in secure, offshore storage facilities, fully insured by one of the world's top insurance companies.

• Protect yourself with bulletproof fiat insurance. And...

• Get in on the ground floor of an opportunity with the realistic potential for explosive growth...

You would... right?

Well, we would... So we did. And now, you can too.

SwissMetalsP1BEPAbout four years ago, Michael and I had a chance to meet Knut Andersen and Eugenia Chiu of Swissmetal Inc. We instantly identified shared common ground. Each of us was committed to providing wealth insurance to our clients and protection against our common enemies... fiscal mismanagement and the money printing press. We all knew the devastation the loss of purchasing power could have on a financial portfolio.

Since then, we've spent four years of courtship and two years of intensive due diligence. We're proud to offer another, new solution for combating long-term inflation.

Let me introduce you to the power of rare strategic metals.

Rare strategic metals are...

A group of 17 metals used in 95% of products you use, and take for granted. For example, products such as land, sea, and air transportation... computers... cell phones... iPods... LCD monitors... surgical lasers... jet engines... pills and medicines... military equipment... electric and hybrid cars... ointments and creams... cosmetics... construction projects... armaments... and the clothes you're wearing... Just to name a few.

We can't live without these items. So when supplies become harder to get, manufacturers have no choice but to pay more.

What's even more exciting is, according to world demographic information, over 1 billion people are emerging from poverty, and joining the middle class over the next few years. These new consumers will demand these products. Supply line manufacturers are already fighting for these products and cannot keep up with demand.

Besides, the green, technological, and military booms are screaming for more metals than the world can produce. The European Union recently released a report listing metals that are in serious risk for not supporting their future economic goals.

Other factors choking the existing supplies are the Chinese, who control 80% of strategic metals, and are tightening their iron grip.

In the same way, countries and manufacturers do everything in their power to secure as many metals as possible. But, legislation pulls both ways. It is trying to secure more metals, while simultaneously increasing demand – through military spending and the mandating of green technology...

Crushing available resources even more.

Because of supply and demand, it's easy to see why countries and companies are doing everything in their power to protect these metals for the future. For example, Pratt and Whitney, a huge manufacturer of jet engines, just secured a contract for 25 - 50% of available Rhenium for the next 10 to 20 years.

AllSwissMetals1Until now, owning and stockpiling these metals wasn't available to individuals.

Specifically, you needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into the game. Then, you needed to find an able broker... handle packaging... shipping... storage... assay values... import and export duties... custom fees and paperwork... taxes... insurance... and other miscellaneous expenses at each stage.

No individual would go through this process on their own. The good news is you don't have to.

Rare strategic metals are available to you without the hassle, but with all of the purchasing power protection and upside potential.

Now that you have a brief introduction to this exciting new opportunity, we'd like to give you more information. Email us or visit our website to get a copy of the rare strategic metals catalog, and a link to an eye-opening video showing a world without rare strategic metals.

Afterwards, call one of our Preferred Client Relations representatives to find out how to easily allocate a small part of your portfolio to rare strategic metals...

Our fast acting clients will save thousands of dollars with below market pricing and free storage. So contact us right away for more information.

We're particularly excited about how steady, long-term wealth insurance combines with the potential for explosive appreciation. Once you see the opportunity for yourself, we believe you will agree. Email us today to get the ball rolling.

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