Did You Know We Buy Back Your Rare Coins and Rare Stamps?

Of course, ASI is well-known for selling precious metals, both for personal and IRA funds, for over three decades.

But, did you know we buy back too? Whether you are selling due to financial need or if you are reallocating your assets as a result of periodic rebalancing... we can help.

We can add great value to your portfolio by evaluating and replacing poor performers in your rare coin portfolio with the right truly rare coins at the right price.

ASI is here when you buy, when you hold AND when you sell. Get competitive pricing, efficient service and discuss your options with your Preferred Client Relations representative today.


1 Call ASI at 877-340-2234 (US & Canada) or 301-881-8600 with a detailed list of items you want to have evaluated.

2 Let the specialists at ASI or our expert partners evaluate your coins and give you a full evaluation and recommendation.

3 Receive the fair market value for your collection or speak with your Preferred Client Relations representative to discuss your options.

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877-340-2234 (US & Canada)


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