Introduction to Rare Stamps

Rare stamps are an investment that has performed strongly and consistently, no matter what geo-political or economic surprises the world has seen. Rare, investment grade stamps have risen steadily and surely in value.

No one can go back and print a new, authentic 1840 Penny Black. Errors that were missed in the early 1900’s cannot be reproduced today. This provides protection of the product and prevents supply manipulation. The price of rare stamps is determined by investors and collectors around the world paying top prices for these items.

Stanley Gibbons Ltd., the world’s leading stamp experts, has created two indices, the GB30 and the GB250 that are followed by professional money managers through Bloomberg Financial. The GB30 Index reports that rare stamps grew by 74.9% in the last six years, and have shown a compound annual growth of over 10% for the last 40 years.

Balancing a portfolio with rare stamps takes extreme expertise. ASI and Stanley Gibbons can give you just that. Stanley Gibbons offers a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on their stamps. We are committed to the profitability of your rare stamp portfolio and you can rely on over 150 years of experience and skill in appraising, buying, maintaining and selling rare investment grade stamps.





The above charts are the GB250 Rarities Index (left) and the GB30 Rarities Index (right)


Why Invest In Rare Stamps

  • Rare stamps have stability. Since records have been kept (beginning in the 1800s), rare investment grade stamps have shown reliable growth and minimum fluctuation.
  • Published growth of 74.9% in the last six years along with compound growth of over 10% over the last 40 years.
  • Diversify into rare stamps to balance the equities, bonds and precious metals in your portfolio.
  • Rare stamps from Stanley Gibbons and ASI are purchased and held in British Pounds.
  • Stanley Gibbons does not charge for their services while you are holding your portfolio. Their profit, along with yours, depends on the appreciation following the purchase.
  • Portfolios starting at £15,000 (approximately $25,000)
  • Portfolio stored in climate controlled vault in either the Channel Islands or Hong Kong.
  • Available exit strategy after one year (recommended holding period of at least 5 years).

5 W’s of Rare Stamps

Stanley Gibbons is the world-renowned leader in stamp collecting, rare stamps and other heritage collectibles. Founded in 1856, Stanley Gibbons was awarded the Royal Warrant as Philatelist to the British monarch, first granted by King George V in 1914 - an honor they hold to this day.

ASI has been in business since 1982, specializing in precious metals, foreign currencies, numismatics and overseas wealth protection. In 2013, ASI was named Stanley Gibbons’ North American representative. ASI prides itself on maintaining a close working relationship with our clients.

Anyone can go out and buy a stamp. 2-3 million stamps pass through Stanley Gibbons each year, yet only 200-300 of them are rare. Stanley Gibbons has the ability and experience to choose the tiny fraction of truly rare stamps for your portfolio. The Flexible Trading Portfolio allows you to acquire an asset class uncorrelated to these uncertain markets and has a proven performance record to back them up.

Stanley Gibbons vaults are based offshore in the Channel Islands. Your portfolio will be insured and stored free of charge, in climate controlled vaults specially designed to preserve your collection. You also have the option to open and store your rare stamp portfolio in Stanley Gibbons’ Hong Kong vaults. Your collection is available for viewing at any time, by giving Stanley Gibbons a few days’ notice.

NOW. Rare stamps have shown impressive growth and forces are ready to keep pushing this market upward. The most interesting of which is the quickly growing number of Chinese stamp collectors, which account for one-third of the world’s rare stamp collectors.

There has never been a better time to invest in rare stamps. Your portfolio has never been under more pressure as in today’s economy. Rare Tangible Assets, like rare stamps from Stanley Gibbons, provide you with an asset uncorrelated to today’s volatile markets. You will also have two partners ready to assist you have never teamed up before. With ASI and Stanley Gibbons, you will never be better taken care of when purchasing rare stamps for your portfolio.



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