Rare Strategic Metals: Profit from Technology, Healthcare and Defense Without Owning Stocks!

By Carl Weber III

We received an overwhelming response from you about our last alert, Metals You Can't Live Without, published on October 16th. So many good questions and comments were raised, I felt it important to dedicate this month's Q & A to rare strategic metals and the opportunity this new strategy offers you.

I know a bit about the importance of strategic metals, but I'm not really sure how they impact everyday products. Can you explain?

Numerous examples of 'rare strategic metals' are in everyday use. Our program covers 15 such metals used in industry and many of them are classified as rare.

A prime example is gallium, a chemical element which only occurs in trace amounts in zinc and bauxite ore. Gallium, along with other rare strategic metals, is procured by processes that by their very nature, yield only small quantities of the precious elements.

Gallium Chart Transparent

Gallium is needed to produce blue LED light, which is used to illuminate homes and increases efficiency by 50%.

Those who own gallium have profit potential from an exponentially growing market.

Blue LED light is used for TVs, light bulbs and solar power cells. Imagine the increase not only in Westernized countries, but in Central America, China, South East Asia and Africa as television is appearing in every household worldwide. We tend to believe televisions have already saturated the market, yet, there are millions of people just beginning to own them.

In addition, 1.3 billion people are without a regular source of lighting. They use kerosene and candles. For instance, candles cost $80.00 per kilowatt hour, compared to 15 cents per kilowatt hour (or less) for LED light.

This is only one example of one metal and its extraordinary everyday use.

ASI is an approved dealer for Swissmetal Inc., one of the few resources for the average investor to acquire physical, rare strategic metals.

Rare strategic metals are grouped in baskets which focus on one industry segment. These include a basket of metals most used in defense and aviation, the other, a more general basket, includes metals used in technology, healthcare and more. To learn more about this program, call us at 877-340-0790 or read our latest article.

I have heard silver is an industrial metal. How do you see investing in silver for its manufacturing use?

Silver is an industrial metal widely used in healthcare, wound care, purification of water, dentistry, solar power and is also used for coinage and jewelry.

As a result, there is always the possibility of a silver shortage. For example, 24% of all silver mined each year is used for jewelry. Jewelry is traditionally not re-circulated to any high degree. Once fabricated into a ring, pin or bracelet, the silver stays off the market.

Furthermore, about 50% of silver produced every year is consigned for consumption by the industries in which silver is the key metal, even before it is taken out of the ground.

You can realize the magnitude of the demand, as silver is used in:

• batteries
• climate control
• surgical gowns
• stethoscope diaphragms
• anti-freeze
• electroplating
• polyester textiles
• silver coatings
• binding of ceramics to ceramics, and
• the binding of silicon chips to metal surfaces

The list goes on and on.

Unlike rare strategic metals, silver is often bought outright as bars, coins or bags of junk silver. Perhaps the most convenient way to purchase silver is online through our ASI Precious Metals Direct program. You can open a relationship in under 10 minutes and trade in seconds from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Your silver can be stored in New York City, Salt Lake City, Zurich, Melbourne, London or Singapore with Lloyd's of London insurance.

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