What are Rare Tangible Assets?

Rare Tangle Assets (RTA), are a select group of physical holdings, such as rare coins and rare stamps.

The Rare Tangible Assets strategy provides your portfolio with the diversification you want. You will also have the world's leading expert in rare coins and rare stamps at your side.

The Rare Tangible Assets strategy offers investors the following benefits:

  • Uncorrelated assets
  • Impressive and historically proven combination of stability and profit potential
  • A hedge against inflation with buying power protection
  • Rare stamps offer offshore storage to establish a portfolio of safe haven investments  
  • A growing investor and collector market
  • Legacy potential
  • Portability
  • An 'open-ended' product that doesn't cap or fix your returns
  • A very competitive cost structure for optimum returns
  • One of your most private holdings

All the investor benefits above are offered through rare coins and rare stamps because these assets do not respond to the whims of traditional markets, central banks or large financial institutions. These assets derive their value, from a strong and entrenched collector base.

  • Rare coins and rare stamps are desirable to collectors because of their:

    • Limited availability
    • Superior condition
    • Beauty
    • History
    • Origin


Rare coins and rare stamps are subject to value measurement by standard indices, such as the PCGS 3000 Key Dates and Rarities Index (Professional Coin Grading Service) for rare coins and the GB250 and GB30 Rarities Indices for rare stamps.



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Why Invest in RTAs?

Rare Tangible Assets offer the asset protection benefits and portfolio diversification you seek in any market environment.

Lack of Correlation–You also look to investments that do not ebb and flow with the other investment vehicles in your portfolio.

Proven Track Record–Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but past success or failure still remains one of the best indicators of future performance.

Liquidity–In uncertain times, you want investments you can sell when you need to sell.

Established Market–Trust. The investment you hold is ‘as stated.’ The seller is legitimate and proven. The value of the asset is authenticated by a responsible, trustworthy, independent agency.

Transparency–The investment is clear-cut, straight-forward and easily understood. And, it is documented.

Legacy Potential–You can easily pass this asset on to your heirs, or allow your rare pieces to increase in value over time in a trust fund, children’s account or as part of your personal portfolio.

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